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    The connection between your company
    and cryptocurrencies
    We combined technology with payment methods that will connect you and your company to Mindexcoin
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    Digital solutions
    to intelligent e-commerces
    Optimize your online payments.
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    Integrated services to
    benefit your business
    Accept payments made with Mindexcoin and receive it directly in your MindexWallet business wallet.

Technology enabling new possibilities

MindexPay takes Mindexcoin to the biggest e-commerces in the world.


Create your wallet

To become a MindexPay partner you must create your account in the MindexWallet’s digital wallet. Do not forget to choose the business wallet.


Find your API

Inside your business wallet at MindexWallet there will be an exclusive API code for you to immigrate MindexPay with your company’s platform.


Receive your cryptocurrencies

All payments made with Mindexcoin by your customers will be sent to your business account at MindexWallet.

Start now to accept payments in Mindexcoin

Frequently Asked Questions

API or Application Programming Interface is a software that connects different applications, allowing information to be sent and received safely and efficiently on different platforms.
The first step is to create an account in MindexWallet by selecting the business portfolio option. Inside your wallet will be available the API code. Through it, you integrate your platform with MindexPay. Each MindexWallet user will have a exclusive and unique API.
Yes. As long as your platform or e-commerce system is prepared to be integrated with an external API.
MindexWallet allows payments made through MindexPay to be received. Through the business portfolio, entrepreneurs can make the storage and management of payments easily and with more agility than traditional platforms.
Once your customers make payments with Mindexcoin in your company, these codes will be automatically transferred by MindexPay to your business account in MindexWallet. Within the digital wallet, you can check all your payments and transactions.
At first, are accepted only payments in Mindexcoin. But the MindexPay is ready to in the future accept others ways of payment.