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We directly connect your businesses to technology and transform payment methods!

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We offer an integrated service system that allows any person to easily use cryptocurrencies on daily transactions.

The cryptocurrency universe is already a reality that shows itself as efficient, agile, and highly secure. By following the growth of the market, the MindexPay tool emerged to provide more possibilities on the several fields that move the worldwide economy, as a simple and fast payment system.

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How it works

It is very simple to start!


Register your establishment on our platform.

Get the API

Get your API code, with it you can integrate your e-commerce or physical establishment with MindexPay.

Agile and easy sales

That is it! Now you can sell your product and get paid in cryptocurrencies, free of fees and bureaucracies.

The best payment solution for your business!

MindexPay works with high-performace technological innovation to provide its users services and solutions for payment technology.


We make it easier for you to make your sales through expanding the payment methods.


Become a MindexPay partner! We offer the best integrated API system in the market.


We work with an encrypted technology in our API system and while integrating the payment methods.


Payments made with our system are immediately accounted and sent to your digital wallet in a few minutes.


For clients and stores!

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Agility on transactions

  • Pay and receive in few seconds with the best system that encryption can offer.
Small Team Plan
Global purchase and sale power

  • Buy anywhere in the world with no need for exchange.

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Link your online sales to MindexPay’s API.

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Pay with cryptocurrencies in any partner store.


Physical store

Daily receive your payment in your system!

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